Roosterteeth, it's a lifestyle, not a group of people. It's Josh, nice to meet you. 16 years of age.


Me: Mom I don’t think I am getting any better, I still feel sick…


the worst feeling in the world is to know you were used and lied to by someone you trusted

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YAY 50 Followers!

Thanks to everyone! It’s incredible that you guys would all follow me. Thanks guiz.


Dammit ray

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"stop doing that"



so as some of you may know i recently reached 3000 followers and tbh that’s really cool so i’m gonna give away some shit to say thank you


  • toothless plush made with nooby-banana's wooooonderful pattern
  • drifloon plush


  • aight so we’re gonna be having two winners here
  • 1st place gets the choice between the toothless and the ‘loon (tough decision lmao) and probably a cheeky printed postcard featuring a drawing of their fav character (check my art tag for an idea of what that’ll look like!)
  • 2nd place gets whatever 1st place didn’t want lmfao


  • you have to be following me! if you’re going to unfollow as soon as the giveaway is over pls don’t enter bc that sucks tbh
  • reblogs and likes count do w/e you want tbh
  • no giveaway blogs (are those even a thing who knows let’s just be safe)
  • you have to write in the tags of your reblog “kelly is gnarly” bc i’m gnarly tbh
  • (you don’t actually have to do that)
  • winners will be chosen with a random number generator or something
  • i’ll ship anywhere in the world probably but if you live in the UK myself and my bank account will love you eternally



"may have"

Send me the name of a Rooster Teeth employee and I'll tell you...

  • Geoff: Favourite alcoholic drink
  • Barbara: A pun
  • Ryan: Any pets?
  • Jack: Favourite food.
  • Gus: Do you get easily stressed?
  • Lindsay: Cats or dogs?
  • Monty: Favourite RWBY character
  • Michael: Angriest you've ever been?
  • Ray: Favourite fast food restaurant
  • Burnie: Favourite Harry Potter book
  • Gavin: Stupidest thing I've done
  • Joel: Favourite Friends character
  • Caleb: Do you often go against the rules?
  • Monty: Favourite RWBY character
  • Dan: Most badass thing you've done
  • Kerry: Favourite Lord of the Rings character
  • JJ: Are you good at art?